Surface Water

There are two primary ways that water is drained from the surface of your property, either directly into the public sewer system or into a soakaway. Many homes across the Lake District, South Lakes, Cumbria and North Lancashire use soakaways to prevent the build up of standing water and the flooding of lawns and properties.

If your lawn, home or property is experiencing flooding, blocked drains or standing water build up, contact Utiliko today to arrange a home visit and find out how our team of friendly and professional drainage specialists can fix any and all drainage issues. We have decades of combined experience in working on domestic drainage systems, including laying new connections, all aspects of repair and maintenance and the design and implementation of novel solutions to any existing drainage issues.

We have worked with our many satisfied domestic customers across the North West of England, and understand the importance of correctly designed, installed and maintained drainage systems, particularly with the often wet weather and many waterways and rivers. Flood damage has increased substantially over the last two decades, with areas of Cumbria experiencing significant flooding and water damage. While we can’t mitigate the effect of large scale flooding, correctly designing and specifying a home’s connection to the public sewer or a well sized and installed soakaway can eliminate localised flooding or the retention of water on your property, preventing damage to your home from standing water.

Utiliko have worked on some of the largest infrastructure projects in the area, but at the same time have strived to build a reputation for excellence with all of our domestic customers, no matter the size of the job. Our friendly, no nonsense approach to all of our domestic works means we have many return customers across Cumbria and North Lancashire, looking for our expert touch with all aspects of domestic drainage and utility connections. We also offer a full range of domestic mains water supply and groundworks services, meaning we can assist homeowners and landlords with many aspects of repair, maintenance and construction on their properties.

Whether you’re looking to expand the capacity of your current drainage solution or planning an entirely new construction from the ground up, we have the experience and knowledge to assist you with projects of any size and requirement. Our team is fully trained and certified, holding safety and operational cards for the entire fleet of plant, vehicles and machinery that we operate across Cumbria and North Lancashire. We can handle every part of your surface water issue from start to finish, saving you time and money when you choose the domestic drainage services of Utiliko utility contractors. Contact us to find out how we can help you with any surface water, blocked drain or flooding issues on your property.

Surface Water Drainage Construction by Utility Contractor