A correctly designed and installed footing is perhaps the most important part of erecting any kind of building or structure. Failure to consider the numerous variables and factor them into the initial planning stage of a building’s construction risks catastrophic failure of the building at worse, or sagging, cracking or subsidence in many other cases.

Designing and installing a sufficient footing is key to producing a solid foundation for your project, and here at Utiliko we have decades of combined experience in producing exceptionally sturdy footings that stand the test of time. Our structural engineers can work closely with you and your chosen architects to ensure your footing is suitable for location, soil type, loading and the shape and requirements of the future superstructure or building.

We own and operate all the necessary plant, vehicles and machinery to carry out footing installations across Cumbria and North Lancashire, with many completed projects to our name. Our team of experienced engineers can offer a full in house service, meaning you never need to worry about managing multiple teams for one design and installation process.

From initial planning and site and soil surveying, through the excavation of the required trenches, to the laying and finalisation of your project, Utiliko can handle every step of the process with our experience and knowledge. We have laid all manner of solid, dependable footings based on the specific needs and requirements of the projects. From individual to combined footings, to strip or raft and mat – our team have years of experience in helping you choose the footing that is right for your specific needs. 

No other groundworks specialist has the range of experience in installing hard-wearing and solid footings in the various soils and locations of the Lake District, South Lakes and North Lancashire. That’s why so many commercial business owners have turned to Utiliko to get their project off on the right footing. 

We are comfortable with every stage of the process, on any scale of project, and have worked with businesses large and small to help them realise their construction projects and build exceptional quality buildings that will pass the test of time. Whether you simply need excavators to help lay out the foundation trenches, or expert surveying services to plan the depth, materials and requirements of a full scale mat footing, contact us today to find out how Utiliko utility contractors can assist your project with professionalism and speed.

Our no obligation surveying service is the ideal way to find out more about the location, soil and water table location on site, before planning any kind of new build, extension, change of use or other construction project. Make sure you are building on the most dependable foundation possible and rest easy knowing your project is being handled by fully certified and highly experienced technicians at every step of the way.

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