Slip Lining

Utiliko utility contractors have decades of combined experience in offering slip lining as a cost effective and efficient method to renovate existing pipeline installations. By inserting a new, hard wearing pipe through an existing pipeline, the need for digging large trenches is significantly reduced and the installation is faster and more cost effective.

Our team uses the latest materials and technology to maximise the efficiency of a slip lined installation. We own and operate all the necessary plant and equipment to carry out slip lining, regardless of location. We operate across the North West, with successful slip lining projects completed all over Cumbria and North Lancashire.

Slip lining removes the need to excavate an existing water mains supply, instead using the original installation to run new, hard wearing and long lasting supply lines. Our team would be happy to assess the needs of your business to see if slip lining is the most cost effective and efficient solution to the renovation of your mains water supply. We would only ever recommend slip lining where the benefits to your business make it the most effective solution, as the newly installed water mains supply is required to be a smaller diameter than the existing pipeline that the new pipe will be installed through. This can mean a reduced supply flow, although with new pipes made from hard wearing modern plastics or steel, the additional pressure handling capabilities of the line may mean your supply can remain at the same flow rate. Our experienced technicians are experts at assessing whether this change to supply line diameter is appropriate for your project, and would be happy to discuss the best way to move ahead with renovation of your water mains supply.

As a trenchless installation solution, slip lining can be ideal where existing structures or installations make large scale trench runs impractical. It can also be used under roads or access paths, waterways or in environmentally sensitive areas to avoid long lasting disruption to existing site features.

We have successfully completed slip lining renovation of water mains supply across Cumbria and North Lancashire, and our experienced team have worked on projects at small, medium and large scale. We can recommend the best way to achieve the goals of your project to ensure works are carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible while minimising disruption to your operations, existing structures and the environment.

Contact Utiliko utility contractors to find out more about slip lining, and discuss whether a trenchless, slip lined installation of new pipework is suitable for the needs of your business or project. We offer 24/7 call outs and work all across the North West of England, with hundreds of completed projects and satisfied customers in Cumbria and North Lancashire.

Slip-Lining Construction