Domestic Water Services

Leak Detection

Having worked on large scale infrastructure projects across the North West, Utiliko can bring our decades of combined experience with the latest technologies to your domestic water supply issues. Our team has worked with the latest in leak detection technology on large scale infrastructure projects, and can use the same skills and equipment to rapidly find and repair any leaks in your domestic mains water supply.

Leaks can be a real headache, damaging property and costing you money. Our team can quickly identify the location of any leaks on your property and carry out essential repair works rapidly and efficiently. We use the latest techniques to repair leaks wherever they are on your property, and offer a range of trenchless or open cut repair options, depending on the suitability and specific location.

No other utility contractor has the same level of experience working domestically across the Lake District, South Lakes and North Lancashire, bringing large scale infrastructure expertise to our valued domestic customers. Our friendly team is always happy to assist with domestic mains water supply issues and carry all necessary certifications and qualifications to work on domestic drinking water supply.

By using the latest technology, we can rapidly identify leaks or issues even when no damage is apparent above ground. If you are experiencing pressure loss or seeing increased water bills we can quickly find the problem and advise you on the fastest and most effective way to rectify the issue. We will always look to produce the least amount of disruption, utilising no-dig trenchless solutions wherever possible. Our aim is to restore your domestic water supply back to full capacity in the fastest possible time, causing the least amount of noise, stress and hassle to you, our valued domestic customer.

Our ability to pinpoint issues with leaks or water ingress is also ideally suited when planning extensions, cellar renovations or other household works. Getting a full idea of existing utility supply is an important aspect of planning any building work on your property, to minimise the possibility of accidentally rupturing supply or causing additional work further down the line.

Our specialist, no dig approach to leak tracing is also of benefit when looking to make an insurance claim for water damage. Because we don’t need to excavate inspection trenches, insurance companies often favour our approach to finding and mitigating leaks – easing your ability to make a claim and reducing the headache of dealing with your home or property insurance provider.

The benefits are clear – working with a WIAPS accredited specialist in leak detection for your home or property means no hassle, no disruption to your home life and guaranteed repairs which will stand the test of time and not require additional inspection by United Utilities or your insurance provider.

Leak Detection Services