Pipe Bursting

Utiliko are experts in the latest and most effective pipe bursting techniques, allowing a trenchless installation of new mains water supply pipe utilising the existing pipework to install the same or larger diameter supply. Pipe bursting is incredibly effective where an existing line is to be fully replaced, and can be used where existing structures, roads, waterways or other site features make the excavation of full trenches difficult or impossible.

Pipe bursting uses a hydraulic bursting head, pulled through existing pipework. The hydraulic force bursts the old pipe while a new pipe of the same or larger diameter is pulled into the void left by the bursting head. For full scale replacement of damaged or insufficient pipework, pipe bursting offers an efficient, safe and speedy method of installation. While slip lining requires the new pipework to be of a smaller diameter, pipe bursting means capacity can be increased, sometimes dramatically, using existing pipework as the guide.

Our team of highly experienced water supply technicians are on hand to assess the exact needs of your project, and can advise on whether pipe bursting is an option for your installation. If you’re looking to future proof your capacity by installing larger diameter pipework without the need for digging long, expensive trenches, contact us today to find out if pipe bursting is right for you.

By avoiding the need for extensive excavation, installations can be completed much faster and with minimal disruption to your existing operations or roads, buildings or structures that are already on site. Pipe bursting can also be an effective technique where waterways or environmentally sensitive sites make the digging of open cut trenches difficult, expensive or even impossible. All that is required is an existing utility duct or water supply main which can be expanded and repurposed by our team of expert technicians.

Contact us today to arrange a site survey and find out if conditions suit an installation through pipe bursting. We can assess soil quality, existing installation size and capacity and best possible route for new utility services to be installed along. By owning and operating all necessary machinery ourselves, we are able to complete projects of any scale from start to finish, entirely in house and without you having to organise multiple contractors to complete a single job. From survey and assessment, to final checks and sign off when the new water supply main has been installed and commissioned, our team have decades of combined experience in offering the most effective pipe bursting water mains supply installations in the North West of England. We have completed projects across Cumbria and North Lancashire, and are adept at working in challenging conditions to produce the best possible results.

Pipe Bursting Repair Services