Domestic Water Services

Lead Replacement

Property owners and landlords are fully responsible for the domestic mains water supply on their property. This puts the responsibility for maintaining all mains water installation firmly in the hands of the property owner. Where lead pipe water mains supply exists, modern replacement pipes made from modern, hard wearing materials are an obvious improvement to safety and reliability. We often see examples of antiquated lead water supply across the Lake District, South Lakes and North Lancashire. Lead water supply can not only contaminate your drinking water with poisonous lead, but is also much more prone to catastrophic failure than modern pipework. We strongly recommend replacing any existing lead water supply and have the experience and expertise to complete domestic water mains replacement in any situation.

Whether you’ve just bought a property, or are having issues with the existing supply, Utiliko can offer a full site survey to assess the existing installation and recommend the best way to bring your mains water supply into the 21st Century. Our team uses a variety of modern techniques to minimise the disruption to your water supply and to your property, saving you both time and money in updating your domestic mains water supply.

Our experienced team of domestic water supply technicians are fully accredited by the WIAPS (Water Industry Approved Plumbers’ Scheme), a leading industry accreditation team certifying our technicians to the highest possible standard. Through this scheme, our engineers are able to complete sign off of your new water installation, without the need for an additional inspection from United Utilities. This can greatly streamline the process and save you time and money when it comes to the finalisation of your new water mains supply.

We are greatly experienced in two leading trenchless methods of renovating or replacing and existing lead mains water supply. Where the existing pipe bore is unnecessarily large, slip lining allows us to install a smaller bore pipe made of modern, higher pressure capable material through the existing supply line. This requires no large trenches to remove existing pipework and means minimal disruption to your land or property.

Where a larger diameter pipe is required, for example when building an extension or additional supply capacity is desirable, we can carry out pipe bursting. This modern, high tech technique involves the use of a hydraulic or pneumatic bursting tool to break apart the outdated and dangerous lead pipe and pull a brand new supply line through the hole created. Again, this technique requires minimal digging on your property, reducing the time taken for the job as a whole and minimising disruption to existing property features.

Whether you know you have lead supply pipes which need replacing or if you’d like to find out exactly the state and materials of your existing supply, contact our team today to find out more about the lead replacement services that Utiliko can offer across the North West of England.