Repairs and Maintenance

At Utiliko, we understand the importance of fully accredited and certified repairs and maintenance to keeping your business or home running as it should. When water services are interrupted, life grinds to a halt. That’s why businesses and homes across the North West trust Utiliko Utility Contractors to get them up and running again, with 24/7 service and decades of combined experience with all manner of water service repairs either commercially or domestically.

But prevention is always better than having to make emergency repairs. That’s why Utiliko can provide expert maintenance services to your entire commercial water system, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum by working when and where you need. We can provide a full scale maintenance program, or check over existing installations as part of surveying the capabilities of your commercial water system.

Since 2017, we have worked hard to build a reputation for reliable, hard-working teams of technicians, able to meet the demands of a full range of commercial water system repair and maintenance work. Our dedicated work gangs have decades of experience in working with clean water systems across the North West.

If you or your company have ever experienced a burst water pipe, you will understand the importance of quick and reliable work in getting the leak under control. Our technical teams have completed hundreds of burst water mains repairs across Cumbria and North Lancashire. Trust Utiliko to handle every step of the repair efficiently and reliably, safe in the knowledge that your commercial water system is in safe hands.

Our team is highly trained and utilises the latest technologies to minimise the disruption to your company and the environment. Advances in materials and machinery mean Utiliko are at the forefront of commercial water system repair and maintenance, offering our services to businesses across the North West. We have worked with major utility networks as a preferred contractor, giving us invaluable experience on some of the largest utility and infrastructure projects in the area.

Whether you’re experiencing issues with your mains water supply, stop taps or boundary boxes, mains or sub meters, pressure reducing valves or any aspect of your commercial mains water supply, our team have the experience and the training to maintain or repair your system. Our dedicated clean water technicians are available for call-out 24/7, working around the clock to provide you with the highest quality of repair and maintenance service.

Get in touch with Utiliko today to discuss all of your utility contractor needs. We are proud to offer our services across the North West and would love to speak to you about how we can help your business, no matter the issue with your utility services. Our wealth of experience makes us the first choice for all your commercial water system repair and maintenance needs.

Commercial Water Repairs snd Maintenance Work