Lead Replacement

Businesses and landowners are responsible for the main water supply pipe inside the boundaries of your property. This means that if your supply uses lead piping, then sourcing and installing a replacement is your own responsibility. We have seen many instances of lead pipe mains installations across the South Lakes, Lake District and North Lancashire area. Our team are uniquely experienced in handling lead pipe replacement projects in the North West of England, using the latest materials and technologies to reduce and minimise any disruption to your business or property.

Lead pipe installations may be decades old, perhaps even up to one hundred years old. Aside from the inherent dangers of using poisonous lead for mains and drinking water supply, they are much more prone to bursting and leaks than modern installations. This additional risk means the smartest option is often to fully replace any existing lead piping on your property.

Our mains supply technicians are fully certified by the Water Industry Approved Plumbers’ Scheme (WIAPS), proving their ability to work with drinking water and mains water supply to the highest possible level. With decades of combined experience in the field, our teams can design, specify and source all parts of your replacement installation quickly and efficiently.

We maintain and manage a fleet of the necessary plant and vehicles to complete lead replacement works in any environment. Our experience working across the Lake District in often challenging environments, and on antiquated existing lead pipe installations, means we understand the best way to complete lead pipe replacements no matter the requirements of your property or business.

We can also offer a full surveying service, meaning that if you’re not sure about the material or condition of your existing property supply, we can test and advise on the best way to move forward with either maintenance or full replacement. Full and accurate information about the existing infrastructure on your property or business premises is vital to maintaining a safe and effective mains water supply for your company. Utiliko can provide the results of the mains supply survey and offer expert insight as to potential future issues or the capabilities of your existing system. We can tailor a maintenance or replacement project to your budget and the needs of you company, taking full advantage of the latest materials and technologies to make full replacement as quick and non disruptive as possible.

If you have a lead mains supply or want to find out the materials and condition of an existing supply, contact Utiliko utility contractors today. Our team of experts would be delighted to discuss the needs of your company and discover the best way to support your business and the health and safety of your mains water supply.

Lead Replacement Services by Utility Contractor