Moling Services

As leading utility contractors in the North West, Utiliko are always at the forefront of the latest technologies. Trenchless installations through moling excavation are just one way we can minimise disruption to your business when carrying out water or utility installations on your property.

By avoiding the need for larger open cut trenches, moling is an ideal solution for installations in congested areas, environmentally sensitive locations, beneath waterways, existing structures or roads. This not only protects the existing features of your property, but can speed up installation where these features would otherwise need to be removed and replaced or repaired after open trenches have been built and filled in.

Moling requires the digging of small pits along the installation route, where the moling equipment can sit under the surface. The earth is then displaced precisely along the route required, underneath any existing features of the landscape. This creates a bore through with the new installation can be pulled through or deployed into, speeding up the installation of utility services along these lengths of excavated earth.

Where existing landscape features such as roads, buildings or watercourses would interfere with the creation of longer open cut trenches, moling is the latest industry standard installation technique. However, it is not suitable in all instances, particularly where longer runs are necessary. With decades of combined experience in utility installation, Utiliko are experts in assessing the exact needs of your project or installation. We can recommend the very best techniques that will make for the fastest completion of your project with the least possible disruption to your business, operations and the environment.

Our highly trained and accredited team of installation experts have a wealth of experience in carrying out moling for utility installations across Cumbria and North Lancashire. Our work across the Lake District and North West has seen our crews working in challenging and historic environments, completing moling excavations and utility installations to the highest possible standard and at highly competitive rates. We are confident that we can offer the best possible service from start to finish – covering every aspect of the project from initial surveying to the final sign off of your newly installed or repaired mains water supply.

Talk to our team today to find out if the needs of your project would be best met through the use of moling excavation to minimise disruption to your company and the environment. We offer 24/7 call outs and services, which further helps to keep any disruption to your operation to an absolute minimum, working outside of your operating hours or over weekends and holidays. Whatever the scope of your utility installation needs, we are certain to have the experience and know how to achieve excellent results every time. 

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