Utiliko holds WIAPS accreditation; therefore, you can have confidence that you are using a certified, trained and skilled contractor approved to install your water pipes to the Water Fittings Regulations. WIAPS approval enables us to establish and self-certify new water connections without the need for United Utilities inspection & connection. Our domestic water services are no doubt the best that you can avail of at such affordable prices.

We can provide expert advice and efficient and professional service to install new or replacement water connections across the North West.


The UK Gov has said that any lead water pipes that lie within your property boundaries are fully your responsibility, you are to organise replacement yourself and there is good reason for this.

Lead, a toxic material used in older builds is not really suitable for pipes, newer piping tends to use composite plastics that are both reliable and durable. The problem with lead pipes is that they are much more prone to leaks, bursts and both of these lead to lead infected drinking water which is not something you want your family drinking.

Utiliko is a fully WIAPS approved contractor that can help replace your lead water pipes with newer and better piping that will last nearly a lifetime. We are trusted with large commercial projects and you can trust us with any pipe replacement big or small, with minimal disturbance to your property and life.

If you aren’t sure if your property has lead piping, please book a site visit from one of our experts who can come and survey your setup, trust Utiliko to supply you with a fairly priced, professional and dedicated service each and every time.


At Utiliko, our water technicians are highly skilled and experienced in detecting and locating leaks and potential problems with your water pipes by using the latest technology available in the utilities infrastructure industry.

Our teams can also provide expert advice on any required maintenance or improvement works to avoid any potential problems before they occur and reduce the risk of leaks and disruption.

We offer 24/7 call outs for emergency works across Cumbria and North Lancashire.

Leak Detection Services
New and Replacement Services for Installation of Water Connection


Utiliko can provide expert advice and an efficient and professional service for the installation a new or replacement water connection for our domestic clients across Cumbria.

We are pro-active and self-sufficient with our own fleet of maintained plant and tools required to complete your new connection at a competitive rate.

We are WIAPS approved to install and self-certify your new water connection.

24/7 Emergency Callout Available