An attractive, well designed and professionally laid driveway is both a useful and visually appealing addition to any home. Utiliko have built a reputation across Cumbria and North Lancashire for executing exceptional quality driveways for our valued domestic customers. We take immense pride in helping homeowners design their dream driveway, able to withstand the often unpredictable weather as well as daily hard use, before carrying out every step of the installation process with our team of highly experienced groundworking experts.

By correct site surveying and preparation, the use of high quality and resilient materials and by carefully planning drainage solutions and frost resistance, we are able to offer the highest possible quality driveways to customers across the Lake District, South Lakes and North Lancashire. No other utility contractor has the same level of experience in planning and installing high quality driveways across Cumbria and North Lancashire, or the same reputation for the highest level of professionalism and workmanship. 

Our team have decades of combined experience in designing and installing driveways in a range of attractive finishes, including resin bound, gravel, tarmac or block paved. Each option has its own strength or relative weaknesses, and we can discuss each of the options with you in great detail, to ensure you receive exactly the finish that is right for you, your home and your needs.

We can offer no obligation home visits to assess the exact requirements of your brand new driveway installation, and  are happy to recommend the correct finish to get the look that’s right for you and your home. We can offer information about drainage solutions or mitigation of frost and ice formation, especially where areas are particularly prone to frost or your driveway is on an incline. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your driveway has been designed exactly to your taste, the requirements of your location and the aesthetic of your home and garden are invaluable, and just part of the full service approach to driveway installation that Utiliko can offer you.

We can undertake every step of the process, from the initial home visit, through the design and planning stages, to the excavation of any existing driveway or garden space to install your new driveway. Our team can give you an exact idea of the timescale for completion and our professional team will work with you every step of the way until you are fully satisfied with the installation. 

We maintain and operate our own fleet of vehicles, plant and machinery, meaning we have everything we could possibly need to execute fantastic quality driveways in any environment or any location across Cumbria or North Lancashire. By keeping the entire process in house and not relying on any external companies or subcontractors, we can save you time and money in the planning and installation of your brand new driveway.

Contact us today and find out why so many property owners, homeowners and landlords turn to Utiliko for all their paving and driveway installation needs. Our expert team is available to answer any questions you may have or offer you the latest information regarding your driveway project options.

Domestic Groundworks Driveways
Domestic Groundworks Foundations


Start your construction project off the right way, with a solid, dependable and adequately sized foundation. No other aspect of building is as often overlooked and as important as a solid foundation. Before starting any planning or building work across Cumbria or North Lancashire, contact Utiliko to discuss the foundation needs of your project. Our experienced team of engineers and groundworks specialists have decades of combined experience in planning, designing and installing hard wearing foundations suitable for the location, ground type and requirements of the future structure.

If you’re planning an extension, a new build, an outbuilding or other new structure on your home or property, it pays to ensure your project is starting from a solid foundation. By working with Utiliko every step of the way, we can advise you on the required sizing, materials and construction methods to ensure your new building, extension or outbuilding will stand the test of time without sagging, cracking or subsistence. 

Building on a solid, appropriately sized foundation is the only way to ensure your construction project will be hardy enough to stand firm for decades to come. We have executed foundation projects for both commercial and domestic customers and have built an excellent reputation on the back of our commitment to the highest possible quality of workmanship, thorough professionalism and our friendly approach to customer relations. Our decades of combined experience in the field, working on foundations for infrastructure projects large and small, means we can bring an unrivalled level of expertise to your next domestic construction project.

We work closely with architects and site surveyors to design exactly the foundation best suited to your location and the specific needs of the project. Utiliko have worked on construction projects across Cumbria and North Lancashire, building a wealth of relevant experience in working with local soils and in challenging locations in the Lake District. No matter the size of your next project, from a small utility room extension to a full scale new build of your dream home, working with experienced professionals well versed in all aspects of groundworks and foundation laying will give you the peace of mind that your project is in the best possible hands.

We own and operate our very own fleet of the latest plant, machinery and vehicles to ensure we can get exactly the equipment we need, where we need it and when – all across Cumbria and North Lancashire. By keeping the entire design and installation operation in house we streamline the process, saving you time and money on your construction project. We can handle every step of the process, from material choices and sourcing to final sign off of the new foundation. We work closely with local material suppliers to further keep costs low and speed up the logistical side of sourcing the right materials for your job.


Hard landscaping refers to any pathways, driveways, decking, fencing, patios, walls, steps or drainage systems on your property. While they might not always be the number one aesthetic concern when buying or designing a house or property, they can quickly become an issue if not installed or maintained to the requirements of your site or location.

Utiliko have decades of combined experience in designing and installing all aspects of hard landscaping, or domestic or commercial properties. We have built a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of hard landscaping for our many customers across Cumbria and North Lancashire, and can bring this expertise to your next landscaping project.

We can work with a wide range of materials including brick, stone, concrete, tarmac or asphalt, metal, timber and more to create a design that is right for your property or project. From smaller fencing jobs to full scale landscaping of grounds, car parks, yards or gardens, our team have the knowledge and ability to execute fantastic designs to the highest possible level of workmanship. 

With decades of combined experience working on some of the largest infrastructure and drainage projects in the North West of England, we can work closely with your landscaper or architect to implement the hard landscaping elements that will not only add visual appeal to your property but also handle the practical aspects of drainage, utility supply such as electricity or mains water supply. This ‘ground up’, full service approach to hard landscaping keeps the entire project entirely in house, saving both time and money on renovating or installing the landscape elements you require.

Utiliko have built excellent relationships with local suppliers of building materials, giving us access to lower prices and an attractive range of local stone and building materials. This can bring enhanced visual appeal to your property when working with materials from the local area, particularly with such a wealth of fantastic stone, slate and timber available in the Lake District and North Lancashire. Using sympathetic design elements is a large part of working sustainably and producing stunning hard landscaping designs that will blend into the local environment and stand the test of time and weather.

If you’re looking to renovate an outside space, garden, yard, drive or path, contact our team of experienced and professional landscaping experts to find out how Utiliko can bring their decades of combined experience to your next domestic renovation project. We are happy to discuss the needs and requirements of your installation over the phone and can arrange a free, no obligation home visit to start the design process for you. Our expert site surveyors can handle every part of the design process, factoring in drainage and new or existing utility supplies to create functional, attractive outdoor spaces for your home or property.

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