New and Renewed Services

We provide expert advice and a cost effective but professional service each and every time. Whether you need replacement water connections or new services installing. We are one of the fastest growing utility companies in the North West offering new connection services and much more.

With our own fleet of plant, vehicles and equipment for projects both large and small, we are well equipped to deal with any connection services you may need installing in your property or home.

Whether you require water supply pipe renewals Lake District and surrounding areas or other water and drainage services, Utiliko is here to help and are the premium choice in the area.

We are WIAPS approved to install and self-certify your new water connection.

New And Renewed Services for Water Connections
Surface Water Drainage Construction by Utility Contractor


Surface water from your property drains to one of two places: a soakaway or the public sewer. Whilst the majority of properties drain directly into the sewer system, there are many homes that have soakaways installed to help prevent waterlogged lawns and flooding.

Whatever the system, if you have trouble with blocked drains, flooding or excess water gathering to the outside of your property, Utiliko are experienced with drainage solutions to help.

Sometimes you may need water supply pipe renewals in the  Lake District and surrounding areas which is also something we are specialists in.

Contact us and one our professional team will investigate and identity the issue/s and advise the best method of works to help your surface water drain effectively.